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An updated refined design features Depa swimming pool grates. they are exactly what you need to satisfy your modern requirements in the field of public and private swimming pools, thermal baths, beach facilities, water parks, Spa and wellness centres. The quality of our materials puts Depa swimming pool grates at the top of this field.

  • Fully Responsive

    Perfect for every need

    Available in any heights

    You can use our grates in a range of 4 heights suitable for any situation. Depa can supply its gratings in any width, up to 900mm with no need of intermediate supports. Wider measures can be obtained upon specific request. This allows you o match these products with other existing items.

  • Fully Responsive

    Customized on request

    Colours: no problem!

    Available in 16 standard colours. A special service from a specialized laboratory can also supply any colour from the RAL scale and any other colour upon customer’s request.

  • Fully Responsive

    Easy to assemble

    Quick and easy lying down

    No specific know how is requested to lay down Depa gratings. However, a detailed instruction leaflet is available for any requirements.

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12458 Grates produced
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We can offer you the best grates for swimming pools for any successful project of yours

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• 4 heights: 22 mm.(GR.2/22), 25 mm.(GR.2/25), 30 mm.(GR.2/30) e 35 mm. (GR.2/35);

• rollable, assembling the extruded profiles onto rubber ropes;

• rigid, assembling the extruded profiles onto plastic (/N) or stainless steel (/S and /A) threaded rods;

• linear, along with 2 spacers placed between the 2 profiles;

• curvable, using a special central elastic spacer that allows to automatically match the countored shape of the channels (/C);

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• various colors (see color chart). Special color: upon request.

We offer you the possibility to choose the width of the grate.
Depa can manufacture the GR.2 grating model in any width you require, because we can create the grating millimeter by millimeter so that the product can match any already existing channel.

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Depa not only produces swimming pool grates, but also a wide variety of swimming equipment
and any technical item for resorts, SPAs and wellness centers such as:
Anti waves floating lane lines, starting blocks, turning panels, underwater windows,
handles, waterfalls, fountains and portable plastic floors.

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We are passionately dedicated to what we do ever since 1972...

Thanks to years of experience, professionality and specialization we are able to deliver high quality products at low costs.

...protecting the environment

DEPA is actively committed to respecting the environment by using materials free of heavy metals. We use Green PVC.

...respecting delivery time.

quick deliveries are ensured by a very efficient service, a highly productive and flexible structure and by an always ready availability of products in storage.

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Depa swimming grates:
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Discover the wide range of products that Depa offers to you

  • Anti Waves floating lane
    lines GR. 15 - 24 - 31,
    suitable for competitions
    and trainings.

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  • Wall and floor anchors for floating lanes.

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  • Starting blocks for overflows swimming pools

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  • Our swimming pool ladders are manufactured in stainless steel.

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